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Welcome to Gridiron Australia's Child Safety Policy—a comprehensive commitment to ensuring the safety, well-being, and happiness of the young athletes who are at the heart of our gridiron community. At Gridiron Australia, we believe that every child deserves a secure and nurturing environment in which to explore their potential and thrive. This policy outlines our unwavering to safeguarding children involved in our programs, emphasising proactive measures, clear guidelines, and open communication to create a culture of safety and trust.

Our Responsibility to Young Athletes

As an organisation that values both the excitement of sports and the well-being of our participants, we recognise the significant responsibility we hold toward the children who engage with our gridiron programs. Our Child Safety Policy is built upon the principles of protection, prevention, and support. It reflects our commitment to creating an atmosphere where children can enjoy the benefits of physical activity, camaraderie, and personal growth, while parents and guardians can have confidence in their safety.

Gridiron Australia's Child Safety Policy extends to all levels of our organisation, from local clubs to national events, ensuring that every child's experience is characterised by respect, safety, and empowerment. Through this policy, we articulate our clear stance against any form of harm, abuse, or neglect, while outlining the steps we take to proactively minimise risks and respond effectively to any concerns.

In the following sections, we detail the principles, practices, and procedures that underpin our Child Safety Policy, demonstrating our dedication to creating an environment where young athletes can flourish with confidence, knowing that their safety is our top priority.

The full Gridiron Australia Child Safety Policy can be located on our Policy Page.

Questions about our Child Safety protections can be sent to


Working With Children Checks

It is a requirement of Gridiron NSW that all coaches and officials hold a valid Working With Children's Check and uploaded into our Membership Portal - Assemble.

Here is where you can find information on the Working With Children Check and requirements to obtain.

NSW: Working With Children Check

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