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The Board of ACT serves as the strategic backbone of American Football's governing body in the ACT.


The current board has been in place since the 17th December 2023, comprising a diverse group of seasoned professionals, enthusiasts, and leaders with a shared passion for the sport, the Board plays a pivotal role in steering the direction and growth of American Football across the ACT.


Drawing upon their expertise from various domains, Board members collaboratively shape policies, establish key partnerships, and make informed decisions to ensure the continued development, sustainability, and success of American Football in the ACT.

As custodians of the sport's values and aspirations, the Board of ACT Gridiron is dedicated to fostering an environment of excellence, inclusivity, and innovation that empowers athletes, fans, and stakeholders alike.


President - Justin Dundas-Smith

Justin started football in one of the first leagues of the ACT, playing for the Marist Razorbacks at the age of 16.  He has since played for the UC Firebirds, the Western Crusaders in Melbourne, and the Centurions, playing in both ACT Juniors and Seniors Monarchs teams along the way.


With post-graduate certifications in Strategy Management from Harvard and Masters of Leadership from Deakin, Justin is looking to bring a strategic and focused approach to ACT Gridiron, to grow the league, improve the quality of the league, and ensure ongoing sustainability.


Vice President - Josh Finn

Josh started playing gridiron in 2000 at 16 years old for the West Sydney Trojans, who later became the West Sydney Pirates. He later played in the UK for the Peterborough Saxons. Now this past season has been a member of the Gungahlin Wolves.

As a Sports School Teacher, Josh hopes to bring our passion of the sport to as many kids in the ACT and surround areas as possible.


Secretary - Tyler McShane

Tyler started with the Centurions in 2011 and has continued with the Centurions up until this season, interrupted only by a two-year run with the Davidson Day School team in North Carolina in 2015 and 2016.  Tyler has been the Defence captain uninterrupted since 2012, including the ACT Monarchs.


Treasurer - Wesley Jasper

Wes started playing Gridiron for the Wolves in the inaugural  year of 2021.  He played for two years and then took on the role of team manager this year.  He has a background in HR and currently an HR specialist.

Wes has worked with Defence in uniform and as Public Servant for over 30 years.  He wants to bring leadership and professionalism to the ACT Gridiron Board.


General Member - Doug Gooding 


General Member - Larry Smith

Larry started American Football with the Oceanside High School in California from 2007 to 2011.  He moved to Australia and joined the Central Spears for 2018, later joining the Wolves in 2021. Larry has also represented the state in the ACT Monarchs.


General Member - Jesse Date

Jessie started playing Gridiron for the Newcastle Cobras and Port Stephens Bomber's at the age of 17 back in 2015. He later played for Central Coast Sharks, West Sydney Pirate's and most recently with the Centurion's. Jessie has also held multiple coaching positions along the way, most recently holding the Offensive Coordinator position of the 2023 men's Monarchs team.


General Member - Madeline Altenburg

Madeline started her journey in 2022 with the University of Canberra Stars. Her love for the sport has only grown since then, leading her to take on the role of Treasurer with the UC Stars and become a general member of the ACTG. Her interest in the logistics of Gridiron has driven her to work towards ensuring the continuous growth of the sport, with a particular desire on creating opportunities for female players. She looks forward to contributing to the success of Gridiron in the future..

Should you want to get in contact with the board, you can do so by emailing

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

— Phil Jackson

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