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The UC Stars are now an officially affiliated ACT Gridiron team!

For those who might wonder why a University of Canberra team was not affiliated already, well, it's complicated. The UC Stars were rebranded for consistency across all UC sports clubs, and previously know as the UC Firebirds, boasting a formidable ACT men's team that won many a Capital Bowl in the past.

After some disruption, the men's team dissolved and a women's team was built. There has only been the one women's team in the ACT in the past few years, and so in order to play football, the women's team affiliated with GNSW and played in Sydney against NSW teams. It is our mission to 'bring the women home', with an ACTG Women's league next season. This will be a significantly more accessible option for women of the ACT and surrounding areas to play American Football.

The UC Stars are participating in the ACTG Flag competition, are also looking to create a men's tackle team in the near future. Look out!

Let's welcome the UC Stars to ACT Gridiron and maybe even give their Facebook page a like:

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