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Announcement: Head Coaches Appointed for Monarchs Flag Football Men's and Women's teams.

It is an absolute pleasure to announce the appointment of two Head Coaches for the Monarchs Flat Football teams.

Josh Garguilo - Women's HC

Josh played gridiron for 11 years in Canberra and the Gold Coast.  He has had a role in various local, state, and Outbacks teams, juniors and seniors, men's and women's teams for the past 14 years as Offensive Assistant, Coordinator and Head Coach with numerous accolades.

Jason Ray - Men's HC

Jason played gridiron for 19 years before taking on the roles of coach and club executive.  Jason has been involved with the ACT Monarchs (tackle) for 11 years as Coordinator and Head Coach as well as Founder, President, and Head Coach of last season's Capital Bowl winning team, the Wolves.  He has run local flag tournaments and events with ACT, and served on the GA Board as a Flag Football Director.

Further information regarding selection and training will be announced soon.

We are all very much looking forward to watching our ACT Superstars compete in the National Championships, held in Queensland in May.

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