2013 Stats

2013 Senior Statistics are now updated in due course.

ACT Gridiron works closely with Kyal Johnston, ACT Gridiron Statistician,to ensure the statistics of each game become available to all teams before the following round.

2013 ACT Gridirion Senior Statistics

1Centurions v WildcatsDownload
1Tornadoes v GladiatorsDownload
1Spears v FirebirdsDownload
2Centurions v SpearsNot yet available
2Gladiators v FirebirdsDownload
2Tornadoes v WildcatsDownload
3Firebirds v TornadoesDownload
3Spears v WildcatsDownload
3Gladiators v CenturionsDownload
4Wildcats v GladiatorsDownload
4Firebirds v CenturionsDownload
4Spears v TornadoesDownload
5Gladiators v SpearsDownload
5Tornadoes v CenturionsDownload
5Wildcats v FirebirdsDownload
6Gladiators v TornadoesDownload
6Firebirds v SpearsDownload
6Wildcats v CenturionsDownload
7Firebirds v GladiatorsDownload
7Wildcats v TornadoesDownload
7Spears v CenturionsDownload
8Wildcats v SpearsDownload
8Centurions v GladiatorsDownload
8Tornadoes v FirebirdsDownload
9Centurions v FirebirdsDownload
9Tornadoes v SpearsDownload
9Gladiators v WildcatsDownload
10Centurions v TornadoesDownload
10Firebirds v WildcatsDownload
10Spears v GladiatorsDownload
11Tornadoes v GladiatorsDownload
12Spears v TornadoesDownload