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The Senior Men’s Gridiron season runs from mid-August to mid-November with all games being played on Saturdays at Greenway Enclosed Oval, Tuggeranong. The Senior Men’s use IFAF (International Federation of American Football) rules which are a modified version of the College rules in the United states.

There are currently 6 teams that compete in the Senior Men’s competition. Click here for more club information.

To register your interest in playing or assisting with the development of Senior Gridiron in the ACT please contact us –

Capital Bowl Champions

YearCapital Bowl #Capital Bowl ChampionsRunner-UpGame ScoreWinning Coach
2015XXIIICentral SpearsUniversity of Canberra Firebirds28-27Tim Mcarthur
2014XXIICentral SpearsUniversity of Canberra Firebirds46-7Tim Mcarthur
2013XXICentral SpearsTuggeranong Tornadoes36-0Tim Mcarthur
2012XXCentral SpearsUniversity of Canberra Firebirds26-0Tim Mcarthur
2011XIXUniversity of Canberra FirebirdsGungahlin Wildcats18-12Shawn Willis
2010XVIIIUniversity of Canberra FirebirdsWoden Valley Gladiators28-11Shawn Willis
2009XVIIWoden Valley GladiatorsTuggeranong Tornadoes29-22Andrew Old
2008XVIUniversity of Canberra FirebirdsTuggeranong Tornadoes21-6Shawn Willis
2007XVUniversity of Canberra FirebirdsTuggeranong Tornadoes12-6 (2 OT)Shawn Willis
2006XIVUniversity of Canberra FirebirdsTuggeranong Tornadoes19-7Shawn Willis
2005XIIIUniversity of Canberra FirebirdsAstros15-14 (OT)Shawn Willis
2004XIIAstrosUniversity of Canberra Firebirds20-15Steve Kerr
2003XIAstrosTuggeranong Tornadoes41-20Carlos Amponin
2002XAstrosUniversity of Canberra Firebirds21-10Rob Bourke
2001IXAstrosQueanbeyan Warriors45-0John Roe
2000VIIITuggeranong TornadoesUniversity of Canberra Firebirds10-7John Crispin
1999VIICanberra TigersTuggeranong Tornadoes25-8Craig Simmons
1998VITuggeranong TornadoesCanberra Tigers20-12John Crispin
1997VTuggeranong TornadoesUniversity of Canberra Firebirds14-6John Crispin
1996IVTuggeranong TornadoesCanberra Tigers14-6John Crispin
1995IIICanberra TigersQueanbeyan Wolverines14-13Roger Vann
1994IIUniversity of Canberra FirebirdsBelconnen Thunderbolts28-0John Eminan
1993ITidbinbilla Space CadetsBelconnen Thunderbolts12-6 (OT)Michael Whitesell


  1. Hello,

    I am interested in playing Football this coming season. I have no experience playing Football. I live in the Northside of Canberra. Could you please give me some general information as well as give contact information to the clubs on the Northside?

    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Ian

      I am sorry for the late reply on this. We are in the process of updating the information on the page but I’ll give you some basic info. The ACTG has 6 teams and the season runs from mid August to mid November. All of the games are played on Saturday and most of them are played at Greenway enclosed oval. We use IFAF (International Federation of American Football) rules which are a modified version of the College rules in the United states. All our teams are in their recruiting phase at the moment and are all commencing their pre-seasons soon. Living on the Northside, the two closest clubs would be the Firebirds, who are based out of the Uni of Canberra and the Wildcats, who are based out of Gunghalin.

      UC Firebirds

      Gunghalin Wildcats

      Let me know if you need any more information

  2. Hello
    My name is Dylan Gomez I’m 21 years old . I’m very interested in your league and I want to play in it. I was wondering if you can help me out. How do I play for your team , who do I have to call to play in it. I live in the United States of America. I know it’s in Australia and I am willing to leave and go play. I have a highlight tape ready to show to who ever is interested. I’m 6’0 feet tall, Weight 200 and play WR/ TE. I’m a role and team player. If you don’t have a spot for this year team. Can I try to play for next year’s team.

    My highlight tape

    Thank you for your time sincerely Dylan Gomez

    Phone: (323)490-3179

  3. Good Morning,

    I am keen to play but I do not know anyone at a club or which club would be the best for me to get to.

    I live in Queanbeyan West, what club is the closest to their and do you have any contact details for anyone at the club?

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Justin

      Sorry for the late reply on this. The closest clubs to Queanbeyan are the Centurons, who are based out of Narrabundah, The Woden Valley Gladiators and the Tuggeranong Tornadoes.




      Let me know if yo need any more information

  4. Hello,
    My name is Joe Obaseki and i am the Sr. Executive Partner for Mavrk Industries and we specialize in custom and affordable uniform gear! I would love to take the time to offer our services to your respectable teams!

  5. Hi there,

    I was wondering if touch gridiron existed in Canberra? I am happy for it to be social training or even competition. I am just interested in playing the sport but only in a touch format. If any of the clubs have touch training sessions I am happy to join that.

    I would really appreciate your help.


    1. Hi Avi

      There isn’t really a touch version of Gridiron but there is a non-contact version called Flag Football. Flag is like OzTag but with Gridiron. At this stage the ACTG does not have a flag competition but most clubs do it as part of their recruitment. It’d probably be best to check out our ACT Clubs page and contact the club closest to you to see if/when they’re doing flag.

  6. Hi my names william. I live in Goulburn and I’m 20 but I’m interested in playing gridiron this year. I played QB a little in America when I was younger and would love to get back into it. Wandering how I could possibly join a team. Or get some contact info to join

    Cheers will

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