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Gridiron in the ACT began in 1990 with the formation of the Canberra Sabretooths, who played in the NSW Gridiron League. The ACT Gridiron League was formed in 1993 with five teams competing for the Capital Bowl trophy; the Belconnen Thunderbolts, the Tuggeranong Tornadoes, the University of Canberra Firebirds, the Tidbinbilla Space Cadets and the Queanbeyan Wolverines.

In 1995, a number of ex-Sabretooths joined with the remaining members of the Belconnen Thunderbolts and Tidbinbilla Space Cadets to form the Canberra Tigers.

The foundation Queanbeyan Wolverines folded mid-way through the 1998 season, but another Queanbeyan-based team, named the Warriors, formed in 2000 and competed until 2005.

In 2001, the ACT Astros were renamed the Astros and entered the ACT Competition after withdrawing from the NSWGFL, replacing the Canberra Tigers side which folded after the 2000 season. The Astros continued operations until the end of the 2011 season.

ACT Gridiron welcomed two expansion teams in 2007 with the formation of the Centurions and the Gladiators.

A further addition was made in 2009, with the Gungahlin Wildcats who commenced playing in 2010.

The Central Spears began play in 2012, effectively taking over the operation of the Astros club.








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    1. Hi Holly

      Yes, all 6 of our Clubs have Junior teams that play in our Junior Competition. We are in the process of updating the details on the website but the Junior competition is for players between 14 and 18 and will most likely run through most of term 4.

      If you contact the leagues junior coordinator, Jason Ray, he will be able to provide you with the contact details of the nearest club.


      Thanks for your enquiry

    1. Hi Niamh

      Yes, the Gungahlin Wildcats have a Junior program. Unfortunately, the Junior competition is heading into its final 2 weeks so you would not be eligible to play this year. The contact information for the Wildcats is below. They will be able to let you know when and where they have off-season sessions and other events in preparation for the 2016 season. Most teams usually start training and teaching new players early in the new year.


  1. Hey, i’m turning 13 in 2017 and wish to play for the Centurions.
    Am i able to play? And are there weight classes?

    1. Hi Rory

      To be eligible for the Junior competition you must be 14 on or before the 1st of July. De to our smaller player base, we do not have weight classes in our league.

      Please let me know if you have any further queries

  2. Hello, I am interested in coaching. I have 20 years experience coach youth & high school football outside of Washington, D.C. I am relocating for the next 2 years in Canberra at the end of July. I am intrested in helping out. Can you tell me the closet Gridiron club located to Centre City where I will be living.

  3. Hello. We have moved back from the US to Canberra and my son would like to contupinue to play Gridiron in 2017. He is 17 and I was wondering when the season commences. We also live in Harrison and would be interested in a team close to us if possible.

    1. Hi Karen

      Depending on when your son turns 18 he may be eligible for the junior or senior competition. At this stage senior season is expected to start on the 19th of August and we are expecting the junior season to start during term 4. The start dates for the junior season depend on how many teams there are.

      The closest club to you would be the Gungahlin Wildcats and then the UC Firebirds. Their contact details on this page above, you should be able to contact them and find out what pre-season sessions they have coming up.

  4. Hey, this is tom just want to know of a team close to gungahlin? I have played five years and wanting to join a seniors ?

  5. Hi there i am 14 years old turning 15 this year and 16 next year i was wondering is there a way i would be able to practice with someone that knows the rules and techniques or gridiron cause i have never played but i do have a intrest in this sport could please get back to me and thank you

    1. Hi Gage
      All our clubs are currently recruiting for their junior season. If you contact your closest club, they will be able to train you to be able to play. All teams have a number of rookies that have never played the game before.

  6. Hi, I’m 17 (DOB Jul ’00), live in Banks, school in Griffith, just finished Rugby, want to play, who do I contact?

    1. Hi Will
      The contact details for all the clubs are above. The closest club to banks would be the Tuggeranong Tornadoes.

  7. hey guys

    my name is Ryan, I’m 19 years old and i would love to play gridiron. i live in down at Jindabyne but can drive up to canberra. are the mens teams still recruiting ? i have played gridiron at school for years and love it and i just found out about this. let me know


    1. Hi Ryan
      The senior clubs are still recruiting for their teams but the cutoff for new registrations is in a couple of weeks. The contact details for all the clubs are above.

    1. Hi Connor

      Yes the team are mixed age. Our Junior competition is years 14-18 and our seniors is 18+

  8. Hello, i am interested in getting involved with gridiron in a coaching capacity, is there a coordinator or someone i could contact with regard to this.
    Any information appreciated
    Rob Foster

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