Become an Official

A game of American Football as played here in Canberra requires five (5) on-field officials per game, plus one person on the ‘down marker’ and two more on ‘the chain gang’. As such, ACT Gridiron is always in need for more dedicated individuals to take up the difficult job of being a match official.

Training is provided and we will progress you through the different officiating positions as you learn the rules and how to read the game. Each official is trained and certified through the Australian Gridiron Officials’ Association to officiate American Football using NCAA (College) rules.

Officiating is often thought to be a difficult and often confronting task but it can be a great way to get close to the action and get involved in gridiron.  There are opportunities to move up through the ranks too starting with junior football through to the ACTG senior competition before moving onto the interstate games and possibly even international events such as the Gridiron World Cup.

If you are interested in joining ACT Gridiron as an official please contact the head of the ACT chapter of the Australian Gridiron Officials Association (AGOA).