Charity Bowl

In 1994 the first game of the ACT Gridiron League season was given the title of the Charity Bowl with funds raised on the day going to local charities. Since 1998, ACT Gridiron (formerly ACTGL) has supported the ACT Cancer Society as a memorial to Shane Gray; a founding member, player and gridiron official who died from cancer in 1996.

The first Charity Bowl saw the Tuggeranong Tornadoes come head-to-head with the Queanbeyan Wolverines, and the overall victors of the inaugural Bowl game. Since then, the Charity Bowl is contested annually by the previous season’s first game (Charity Bowl) and  grand final (Capital Bowl) winners. If by luck, the Charity Bowl winners hold both trophies, the Capital Bowl runners-up contest the game.

Charity Bowl Records

The Tuggeranong Tornadoes appeared in every Charity Bowl between 1994 and 2001, losing only two bowl games. Currently, they hold the ACTG record for winning the Charity Bowl trophy an astounding nine times (1994-1996, 1998-2000,  2004, and 2009-2010). With six Charity Bowl wins under their belts, the University of Canberra Firebirds come in second with the Astros following third with just three Bowl wins. The Central Spears have claimed the Charity Bowl in the last 2 consecutive years (2013, 2014). The Canberra Tigers have claimed Charity Bowl victory only once in 1997 .

Charity Bowl Winners

YearCharity Bowl #Winner
2016XXIIIUniversity of Canberra Firebirds
2015XXIICentral Spears
2014XXICentral Spears
2013XXCentral Spears
2012XIXUniversity of Canberra Firebirds
2011XVIIIUniversity of Canberra Firebirds
2010XVIITuggeranong Tornadoes
2009XVITuggeranong Tornadoes
2008XVUniversity of Canberra Firebirds
2007XIVUniversity of Canberra Firebirds
2006XIIIUniversity of Canberra Firebirds
2004XTuggeranong Tornadoes
2001VIIUniversity of Canberra Firebirds
2000VITuggeranong Tornadoes
1999VITuggeranong Tornadoes
1998VTuggeranong Tornadoes
1997IVCanberra Tigers
1996IIITuggeranong Tornadoes
1995IITuggeranong Tornadoes
1994ITuggeranong Tornadoes


  1. I was excited to see that my Son Shane Allan Gray who was a founding member of the gridiron in ACT, still hast the memorial in his nam supporting the Cancer Council. It is unbelievable to see the support is still going. Thank you for honouring my son.
    Best wishes
    Margaret Knight. Shane’s mum

  2. Once again I see the memorial for my son Shane Gray is still being honoured. It will be 21 years in August since Shane passed away, and I still have his gridiron jacket. Thanks to all the supporters for the memory

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