ACTG Executive

Gridiron in the ACT is regulated by the peak state body, ACT Gridiron.

ACT Gridrion are in existance today after 21 years to govern, promote and encourage the sport of American Football, also known as Gridiron, in the nation’s capital – Canberra, and its surrounding region.

The ACTG Committee are required by its constitution to meet at least nine times throughout a calendar year, however meetings are scheduled on the second Tuesday of every month.

The Board is nominated and voted in at the ACTG Annual General Meeting held at the beginning of the calendar year.

Executive members of the ACT Gridiron Board are:

President: Cody Field

Vice President: Scott Cadzow

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Brent Sykes

ACT Gridiron Constitution

The Constitution stipulates the basis for which ACT Gridiron must operate as a non-for-profit association.

ACT Gridiron Constitution 1994 (PDF 37KB)

Bylaws of ACT Gridiron

Adopted by the Committee of ACT Gridiron, the ACT Gridiron Bylaws are applicable to all members, players and affiliated bodies of the Association.

ACT Gridiron Bylaws 2002 (PDF 114KB)

ACT Gridiron Strategic Plan

With an overall aim to provide strong leadership and enhancing the recognition of gridiron as a sport throughout Canberra, ACT Gridrion took a significant step forward in 2011 to develop a five-year strategic plan (2011-2015). The Strategic Plan provides framework and continual growth for not only ACT Gridiron but the sport itself. It is framed around four key pillars:

  1. Governance & Administration
  2. Sport Development
  3. Competitions & Events
  4. Future Development

ACT Gridiron Strategic Plan 2011-2015 (PDF 434KB)