Month: October 2013

Friday Night Lights @ Greenway Oval

No, we’re not talking about the movie with James Van der what’s-his-name…or the TV series!

We’re talking about this Friday nights at Greenway Enclosed Oval where you can watch the best in ACT junior gridiron under the big lights. Still not convinced James won’t be there…then come down at 7pm to find out for yourself!

Every Friday night until November 1, ACT Gridiron will be showcasing each team in a round-robin style series with games kicking off on:

Friday October 18th

7pm Centurions Vs Firebirds
8.15pm Centurions Vs Spears

Friday October 25th

7pm Firebirds Vs Spears
8.15pm Firebirds Vs Centurions

Friday November 1st

7pm Spears Vs Centurions
8.15pm Spears Vs Firebirds

Semi Final Saturday November 9th

TBA 2 Vs 3

Final Saturday November 16th

TBA 1 Vs 2

Remember if you can’t be at the ground, games will be streamed live at Ascension Sports


Spears set to play in Capital Bowl XXI…but against who?

With just three games to go until the first round of finals begin (November 9), the Central Spears are confident their ranking as #1 will see them play in the Capital Bowl XXI on November 16. But who is ready to face them?

As teams enter into Round 8, this weekend will see the Wildcats come up against the Spears boys for the second time in the 2013 season. The last time these two teams met, the Spears dominated the field as the ‘cats became kittens and the mercy rule called at 42-0.

It will be a battle of the Romans when the Centurions confront the Gladiators in what one can only hope will be an epic battle, but after a series of mercy games continue to push them back into sixth position every week – will the Centurions be strong enough to see points on the board?

To wrap up the day, the ‘founding fathers’ of ACT Gridiron will once again take to the field. With these two teams, UC Firebirds and the Tuggeranong Tornadoes, the only ones to draw, will we see a repeat? The Tornadoes will play off the back of yet another win after dominating the Wildcats in Round 7, but is it enough to push them through to victory?

Down to the whistle. The Tornadoes put on a hell of a final drive to level the game only for the Firebirds to punch through the line and block the kick for extra point and get the draw.

Catch all the action at Greenway Oval from 10am on Saturday 19th October. Can’t make the game? Head to Ascension Sports to watch live streams of every game!

Jump across to the ACT Gridiron Facebook page and tell us which team you think will take out 2nd place in the 2013 Capital Bowl XXI…