Month: August 2013

Kick off in 8 hours!

D-Day is finally here! The day every player has been anticipating.

Which team has a new (old) Head Coach? How many quarterbacks have jumped ship?

Despite an insane finish and dominant win in the 2012 Capital Bowl can the Spears start this season with a Charity Bowl win?

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10 Reasons to play Gridiron

It is a sport that remains controversial despite widespread popularity throughout the world, and yet it  conjures many conflicting images and thoughts about what it is the sport truly represents: huge agro meatheads and debilitating injuries, precious quarterbacks who always get the girl and save the game, and then just pure brotherhood and teamwork.

But whatever your thoughts on the game, it’s definitely a sport worth getting dirty for and here’s why:

1. Fitness – Be it physical strength, agility, endurance, speed or flexibility. All are enhanced once you hit that field with your helmet and pads. Most of these assets are gained in practice, but do enough strength training, agility drills, sprints and stretching regimes and you won’t recognise yourself at the end of the season.

2. Discipline – To really benefit from the values of gridiron and become a confident player, overcoming fatigue and maintaining concentration are key. It’s a sport that you definitely need to be on your toes for, but through your coach’s leadership, positive peer pressure and repetition these skills will become second nature.

3. Cooperation – This is a pretty obvious one. When it comes to gridiron there is really no “I” in “Team”. When you run onto that field you have 10 other players that count on your awareness, skill and concentration. It is more than just you and your team deciding to work together. Teamwork at its greatest is when every individual player is committed to the game.

“The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” ~ Vince Lombardi

4. Humility – Despite talent, drive and instinct even the best players get frustrated. But if you can walk off the field with your head held high even to a loss, you are walking off the true victor. Defeat will bruise any player’s ego, which can cause a ripple effect through the team. Be it a setback suffered by an individual, or the team as a whole, it can serve as a valuable lesson for athletes.

5. Danger – It’s not quite an extreme sport, but it definitely has the potential for serious physical harm. In fact, some pro NFL players believe the League have crossed the line on a few occassions when it comes to player danger. But if managed responsibly, the overall danger can be a great way to face fears. Courage can not be forged in a risk-free environment.

6. Brotherhood & Mateship – Sharing in victories, defeats, sufferings, and hard lessons learnt will forever forge a bond between players. Players learn to appreciate one another’s good points….while tolerating their annoying ones. A strong and respectful relationship between team mates is often credited for bettering a man and his character.

7. Sensory Cultivation – Be on the ball – always. Successful football players pay attention, not only to the play at hand but also to their surroundings.

8. Analytical Ability – Gridiron improves your analytical ability by forcing you to understand strategy and spatial arrangements. Certain patterns work best for certain player rosters. Newbies begin by doing what they’re told, but play long enough however, and those newbies will soon begin to understand why a play is called and one player might replace another for particular plays.

9. Leadership – Out of every football team will rise leaders; those gifted with the ability to exhort, motivate and inspire often. Some want to win more, others will not abide laziness or bad attitudes. But whatever drives you, gridiron will see you develop leadership skills.

10. Prestige – Without a doubt, gridirion commands the respect of a vast majorty of people particularly in the USA. While it may not have reached the same popularity levels as say Rugby League or AFL here in Australia, gridiron has the capacity to draw crowds far in excess of other team sports. The mental and physical toughness required by gridiron has a peculiar appeal.

Adapted from Shawn Candela’s article @ Live Strong

No excuses to miss a game! 2013 Draw here!

The 2013 Season Draw is now available in a legible format…No excuses for missing a game now!

2013 Season Draw

DateGame #TimeHomeAwayDuty
24/08/2013Game 110.00amCenturionsWildcatsFirebirds
24/08/2013Game 212.45pmTornadoesGladiatorsWildcats
24/08/2013Game 33.30pmSpearsFirebirdsGladiators
31/08/2013 Game 110.00amCenturionsSpearsWildcats
31/08/2013 Game 212.45pmGladiatorsFirebirdsCenturions
31/08/2013 Game 33.30pmTornadoesWildcatsFirebirds
07/09/2013Game 110.00amFirebirdsTornadoesCenturions
07/09/2013Game 212.45pmSpearsWildcatsFirebirds
07/09/2013Game 33.30pmGladiatorsCenturionsWildcats
14/09/2013Game 110.00amWildcatsGladiatorsTornadoes
14/09/2013Game 212.45pmFirebirdsCenturionsGladiators
14/09/2013Game 33.30pmSpearsTornadoesFirebirds
21/09/2013Game 110.00amGladiatorsSpearsWildcats
21/09/2013Game 212.45pmTornadoesCenturionsSpears
21/09/2013Game 33.30pmWildcatsFirebirdsCenturions
28/09/2013Game 110.00amGladiatorsTornadoesCenturions
28/09/2013Game 212.45pmFirebirdsSpearsTornadoes
28/09/2013Game 33.30pmWildcatsCenturionsSpears
05/10/2013No CompetitionNational Long Weekend
12/10/2013Game 110.00amFirebirdsGladiatorsSpears
12/10/2013Game 212.45pmWildcatsTornadoesGladiators
12/10/2013Game 33.30pmSpearsCenturionsTornadoes
19/10/2013Game 110.00amWildcatsSpearsTornadoes
19/10/2013Game 212.45pmCenturionsGladiatorsSpears
19/10/2013Game 33.30pmTornadoesFirebirdsCenturions
26/10/2013Game 110.00amCenturionsFirebirdsGladiators
26/10/2013Game 212.45pmTornadoesSpearsFirebirds
26/10/2013Game 33.30pmGladiatorsWildcatsSpears
02/11/2013Game 110.00amCenturionsTornadoesGladiators
Game 212.45pmFirebirdsWildcatsTornadoes
Game 33.30pmSpearsGladiatorsWildcats
09/11/2013Semi Final
5.00pm2nd3rd5th & 6th Place
16/11/2013Capital Bowl
5.00pm1stSF WinnerLoser SF/4th Place